2014 Favorite GitHub projects

Everyone loves lists and the beginning of a new year is a perfect time for me to talk about my starred GitHub projects. I also use this as a way to filter what I have saved through the year and to only keep what I will likely use. Here's my list in the order I discovered the projects:

  • android-validation-komensky - annotation based form validation for Android
  • Android Image Resizer - Tool for resizing Android images for various screens
  • Timber - Jake Wharton's handy library that enhances Android logging
  • fasd - handy command line productivity booster
  • Cortx - easy to use test client for REST clients
  • Alcatraz - Package manager for Xcode
  • toadfarm - run multiple Mojolicious apps within a single hypnotoad server
  • Dyna Filter - dynamic object filtering for JSON serialization
  • Android DbInspector - View in app database on debug builds
  • Discreet App Rate - non intrusive app rating request
  • Papers We Love - list of Computer Science papers created by the Papers We Love community
  • GitHub Cheat Sheet - exactly what the name says
  • Awesome Go - A curated listed of Go frameworks, libraries and software
  • ioquake3 - community driven Quake III Arena
  • Immutable.js - Immutable, persistent data collections for Javascript
  • Zeal - simple API documentation browser for Linux (inspired by Dash on OS X)
  • RxJava - reactive extensions for the JVM
  • Critical - extract and inline critical path CSS in HTML
  • Cola - JUnit based BDD testing framework
  • Perl-Critic-Jed - Perl Critic web interface
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Doyle Young

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